Black Jack Folding Foot 10″

For Caravans and Trailers that are higher off the ground

Need more lift height when hitching or unhitching your caravan/trailer from your tow vehicle?

The Black Jack Trailer Jack Folding Foot 10″ has been supersized. It provides an additional 4 inches (100mm) of lift over the 6″ folding foot that comes standard with the 2022 Black Jacks. It simply attaches to your existing Black Jack and requires no bending down or adjusting when deploying or retracting the jack. Simply push a button and you can unhitch or hitch up within 60 seconds. The Black Jack Folding Foot 10″ is revolutionising the time and strenuous efforts spent using traditional trailer stands/jockey wheels.

The Black Jack Folding Foot 10″ is stable on a wide variety of terrains including grass, mud, sand, and gravel. Perfect for high off-road type caravans or trailers.

Made in Australia from Non Corrosive, protective Mild Steel.



4 payments of $29.75

Leaves our Brisbane warehouse same day if ordered by 12.30 pm.

The Black Jack Trailer Jack Folding Foot 10″ is designed easily connect to the shaft in just a few easy steps. Simply remove existing Extension foot supplied by releasing the clip-pin. Position and align the Folding Foot in its place and insert the clip-pin in the holes provided. Makes swapping from one to the other a breeze and improving your hitch and unhitch experience. 

Heavy duty but also light weight provides a great travel accessory and can be permanently connected when travelling. 

Warning and Caution !!!
Black Jack Folding Foot Installation.

The folding foot must be installed so that it is clear of any obstructions. The folding foot must be able to freely extend and retract to its full extension and full horizontal retraction.

If the foot encounters an obstruction, for example a chassis rail or brake cables, before it is fully retracted to a horizontal position then there is a risk of serious internal mechanical damage to the Black Jack. The damage is caused by the leverage pressure (up to 3,500kg) the folding foot can add it if encounters an obstruction. This type of damage is NOT covered under warranty as it is a user installation error.

When installing the folding foot, make sure the Black Jack orientation allows for full clearance of the folding foot. This may mean rotating the orientation of the Black Jack.

If the folding foot cannot be installed so that it is clear of obstructions, then DO NOT USE IT. Install the silver adjustable foot instead.

In addition to these custom designed features for the Black Jack Folding Foot 10″:

laughing    Made in Australia from strong from protective powder coated mild steel, suitable for harsh environments.

smile    Designed for rapid deployment and retraction saving you time.

surprised    No more bending down when using your trailer jack or jockey wheel.

cool   Are amazingly light weight and can be permanently mounted or stowed away in compact spaces.

wink   Have a non-stick surface, easy to clean.

money-mouth   Are corrosion, oil and chemical resistant.

Black Jack Trailer Jack Folding foot 10″ Dimensions
• Diameter Foot Plate: 15.2cm x 11.5cm
• Overall Height: 35.5cm
• Weight: 2.2kg
• Maximum Load: 1,000kg


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