Black Jack Trailer Jack

Electric powered Caravan and Trailer Jack
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Gone are the days of manually winding the jockey wheel to raise or lower the caravan or trailer. The Black Jack™ Trailer Jack is the simplest, quietest and most advanced electric jack on the market today. The Black Jack Trailer Jack can come in three convenient options to suit your requirement:


  • BJTJ-1600 Includes the all weather cover . (no clamp bracket, no folding foot, no foot pad, no wiring kit). $386
  • BJTJ-1000 Includes clamp bracket, bolt kit, folding foot, foot pad and all weather cover (No wiring kit, just connect to an Andersen plug). $549
  • BJTJ -1001 Includes clamp bracket, bolt kit,folding foot, foot pad, all weather cover, and wiring kit (hardwired back to Caravan house battery) $599
Black Jack Model Options BJTJ-1600 BJTJ-1000 BJTJ-1001
Price $386 $549 $599
Installation Wiring Harness
Black Jack Clamp and Bolt Kit
Black Jack Folding Foot
Black Jack Foot Pad
Black Jack All weather Cover
Pre-wired to an Andersen plug
Manual Cranking Handle
Owners Manual


4 payments of $137


Leaves our Brisbane warehouse same day if ordered before 1.00pm.


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Gone are the days of manually winding the jockey wheel to raise or lower the caravan or trailer.

The Black Jack™ Trailer Jack is the simplest, quietest and most advanced electric jack on the market today. Easy DIY installation and insanely simple RAISE\LOWER switch operation.

Hugely popular in the USA, the Black Jack™ now comes complete with the all-weather cover, and the Black Jack Clamp™ (Australian Patent No 2021204066) allowing uses the ability to easily bolted to the Caravan or Trailer A-Frame.

For easier and faster deployment or retraction the Black Jack™ includes the Black Jack™ Folding Foot providing no more bending down to adjust the foot extension height position. Also included is the Black Jack™ Foot Pad giving improved stability on soft or unstable surfaces. 

For easy installation, all Black Jacks are pre-wired to an Andersen plug (length of cable is 1.4m).

An installation wiring harness is also included with BJTJ- 1001. This harness includes a pre wired Andersen plug at one end and an inline fuse and battery terminals at the other end. The 5 meters of positive and negative Number 8 wires are encased in a protective cover.



Built in level indicator

Easily adjust the caravan level after you unhitch

Crank Cap

Emergency can use a manual crank handle to raise or lower the jack

Extend / Retract Switch

Extend or retract with the a flick of the switch

Massive 560 mm Stroke

That will lift the caravan clear off the tow vehicle in any conditions

LED On Off Switch

Built in LED night light for operating at night

BJTJ 1600 model shown

easy DIY Installation

Free installation kit included (with BJTJ – 1001)

Free all weather cover

Keep the rain out!
Black Jack Trailer Jack key features:
• 1600 kg lifting capacity, more than enough muscle
• Robust 58 mm outer post built for the toughest conditions (normal jockey wheels are only 48mm)
• Massive 560 mm stroke that will lift the caravan clear of the tow vehicle hitch in any conditions
• Built in level indicator to easily adjust the caravan level after you unhitch
• Removable foot pad extension for travelling
• Tough powder coated finish
• Pre wired to an Andersen plug – length of cable is 1.4m
• Emergency crank handle included as an emergency back up
• Built in night light for operating after hours
• 12 volt 28 amp DC power plugs directly to 12 volt battery
• Free installation kit included, easy DIY Installation (with BJTJ – 1001)
• Free all weather cover to keep the rain out
• Total weight including Black Jack Clamp 17 kg


Mulitple top hole positions

So the Black Jack can be installed facing the front, the side or the rear of the caravan or trailer.

6 different chassis bolt hole

Fits any Caravan or trailer A-frame in
Australia (6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch or 3 inch)

Safety Chain insert hole

so you can hang safety chains on the Black Jack

ASSEMBLED in Australia

Supporting Australian jobs

6 different chassis bolt hole

6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch or 3 inch
Black Jack CLAMP key features:
• 6 different chassis bolt hole positions so it fits any Caravan or trailer A-Frame in Australia (6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch or 3 inch)
• Multiple top hole positions so the Black Jack can be installed facing the front, the side or the rear of the Caravan or trailer. Your choice!
• Panel recess so you can install over the top of existing wire fittings maximizing the options of where to install on the A-Frame.
• Safety chain insert hole so you can hang safety chains on the Black Jack Clamp.
• Upper support and a lower support brackets designed to eliminate any lateral movement that may be caused by uneven surfaces.
• Easy bolt installation. No additional modifications, welding or tools are required.
• Tough powder coated finish
• Australian Patent Pending (Australian Patent No 2021204066)
• Registered Australian Design
• Assembled in Australia supporting Australian Jobs



Black Jack FOLDING key features:
• Diameter Foot Plate: 15.2cm x 11.5cm
• Height: 25cm
• Weight: 2.2kg
• Maximum Load: 1,000kg




• Diameter: 20cm
• Height: 2.5cm
• Weight: 800grams
• Maximum Load: 1,000kg



Black Jack DIY Harness includes:
• 5 m Battery Cable (7.92mm2) (8 B&S)
• Fuse Box
• 30 amp Inline Fuse
• 2 x 10-6 Fuse Lug Terminals
• Cable Crimp Connector
• 10-8 Battery Lug Terminal
• Heat Shrink


• Suitable for Caravan or Trailer
• Soft Head
• Heavy Duty Construction
• 100 – 350kg
• Easy to Use


16 reviews for Black Jack Trailer Jack

  1. Ashley

    I continue to be pleased with this Jack. It has been excellent for my arthritic shoulders.

  2. Tony

    Got a replacement jack today, organised by Ashley and fitted by Tyson. Really excellent service. One of the best companies I have dealt with. Many thanks for such a prompt response. Saved us at the very start of a three-month trip. Heartfelt thanks guys. Tony & Anne

  3. Ashley

    The wiring harness is 5M of cable with an Andersen plug at one end and battery terminals at the other. Designed so that the Black Jack can be hard wired to the caravan house batteries as a permanent connection.

  4. Peter Jones

    Love the product
    Looking forward to installing it when I get my van in October
    One question – Is it best to install wiring harness on the van or the tow vehicle, ?

  5. Ashley

    Love the folding foot and the simple plug and play connection with the Andersen plug.

  6. Wayne Halpin

    Many thanks for your prompt action.
    Your Black Jack is nothing short of BRILLIANT. I’m 78, reasonably fit but every caravanner should have one.
    Wayne Halpin

  7. Mark

    Hi There,
    Just writing to express my appreciation for your after sales service. Our caravan jack ceased to function after 2 and a half years of use. On contacting Titan RV, it was determined the jack had suffered damage and needed to be replaced. The team at Titan RV arranged for a free replacement and subsequent shipping without issue.

    Outstanding customer support! Thankyou.

    Kind regards

  8. Nicky Collins

    We purchased a blackjack in New Zealand but it had a problem after six months however blackjack Australia were amazing and sent us a replacement which arrived extremely quickly. Thank you much appreciated. Great service.

  9. Majella Heaton

    Would love to leave a review, I’m in love with the Jack Pack.

    I’m a single mum, originally Karratha born n bred, towing my 27ft Caravan/Home on wheels with my 11 and 3yo.

    Having had Spinal Fusion surgery in January, comprising my back to “jockey” a 27ft beast of a caravan/home on wheels was no longer an option… an hour of fuss free wiring and the Black Jack was fitted. Easy operation and permanent fitment for peace of mind.

    Hitching up and relocating is no longer a cause for anxiety, stress and importantly, injury.

    Black Jack Caravan and Trailer Jack: electric, one button, easy operation.

    Thankyou for this ingenious product.

  10. Phil Frethey

    Hello Blackjack Team,
    December 2021 I had your 12v trailer Jack fitted to our new van.
    After 18 years vanning and 4 vans the Blackjack is by far the best I have ever used.

  11. John Lawler

    I fired my Chiropractor! The Black Jack has made it so easy to hitch and unhitch. Great service too.

  12. Stanley Livingston

    Ordered on Monday delivered to front door on Wednesday up and running on Thursday fantastic

  13. Steve K

    One of the best accessories I purchased for our caravan. Makes putting the van onto the truck a breeze. Very powerful, lifts my 380kg ball weight withe ease. Delivery was super fast as well!

  14. Lisa D.

    What a easy upgrade for your caravan. I ordered and received in a few days. Install was so easy, anyone can do it. No more cranking for me, push the button and like magic, you can take your caravan up or down. I also like the cover to keep the weather of the motor and controls. It is nice too. Thanks for your great service

  15. Edward C.

    This jack is well made. It’s heavy and solid. It was super easy to install. If you can’t install this, you probably shouldn’t be pulling a trailer. The light is super bright as well.

  16. Mike

    very nice product

  17. Tom B

    I installed this jack about two weeks ago on a 21′ Caravan, and have only used it 3 or 4 times. This is the first electric jack I have owned. It was a breeze to install, only took about 10 minutes to replace the manual jack. If I would have known how easy they were to install I would have replaced my manual jack several years ago. For the price I’m very satisfied. Only time will tell how the jack holds up, but if I can get 3 years or so out of it I will be happy. Sure beats cranking the trailer up and down by hand.

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